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Sunday, June 9, 2024.

2-Mug 2-Country Weddings & Anniversaries

Several customers have asked us about customzing our designs to make a gift that is specifically tailored to celebrating a wedding or anniversary where the two people are from different countries.

We remember celebrating this ourselves when we were married in Half Moon Bay, CA and proudly flew the Canadian and Union Jack flags at our wedding venue.

We now offer a 2-mug bundle with our Yin-Yang design symbolizing the harmonious connection between two people. We include their flags, first names, the date of their special occasion, and an optional custom message printed on the side of the mug.

wedding flags
wedding anniversary mug

Monday, May 20, 2024.

The Art of Split Flag Design

Creating a split flag design involves more than just combining two images. It requires meticulous attention to detail, respect for the authenticity of each flag, and a balancing act to ensure that the two flags marry together for a harmonious outcome. Here’s a glimpse into our process and the care we take to ensure every split-flag design is perfect.

We start by referencing the official design of each flag. This ensures that every detail, from colors to symbols, is carefully considered. We then create original artwork, leveraging SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format to have precise control over the flag design. Unlike some other makers who may purchase existing flag libraries and simply copy and paste the artwork into their designs, CitizenDual creates original vector-based artwork for each flag to enable precise control over alignment and the final result.

In some cases, we may modify the proportions of a flag's elements in order to achieve alignment with the neighboring flag in the split-design. Whether it’s etching on glasses or vibrant color printing on mugs, we guarantee that the final product respects the defining characteristics of the official flag, is pleasing to the eye, and results in a memorable gift to celebrate one's dual citizenship.

split flag mug

Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

Celebrating Dual Citizenship

In a world that's becoming increasingly interconnected, dual citizenship symbolizes the bridging of cultures and the celebration of diversity. Every individual who embarks on the journey towards dual citizenship has a unique story to tell – a narrative woven with perseverance, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of their dreams.

At CitizenDual, we believe that milestones like acquiring dual citizenship deserve to be commemorated and cherished. They represent not just legal recognition but also a testament to our life journey and achievements. This is the ‘why’ behind CitizenDual. We design mugs, glasses, and drinkware, each uniquely crafted to serve as a tangible reminder of your remarkable achievement.

We value gifts with utility – items that not only evoke sentiment but also serve a practical purpose. Our products are designed to be used again and again, minimizing their impact on the environment, and ensuring that the memories they encapsulate endure for years to come.

In our journey to celebrate dual citizenship, we've had the privilege of connecting with The Expat Woman community, expertly led by Nyna Caputi. The tireless efforts of this amazing group of women and unwavering dedication to fostering unity and empowerment embody the true spirit of global citizenship.

To those who have embarked on the journey towards dual citizenship – may your perseverance be rewarded, your dreams fulfilled, and your legacy endure for generations to come. At CitizenDual we hope we can help honor your journey of possibility, diversity, and boundless opportunity!

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Drop us a note at info@citizendual.com with your requests and ideas.

Thursday, Feb 29, 2024.

The Significance of the Yin-Yang Design

The yin-yang symbol, originating from Chinese philosophy, represents the concept of dualism and the interdependence and interconnectedness of seemingly opposing elements. It consists of two teardrop-shaped halves, one black (yin) and one white (yang), nestled together in a circle.

Many view the yin-yang as a symbol of unity. This unity is seen as promoting positive energy, cooperation, and a holistic perspective on the world.

The yin-yang design is often associated with harmony, equilibrium, and the cyclical nature of life. It suggests that balance between contrasting elements leads to overall well-being and success. People often interpret the symbol as a reminder to seek balance in various aspects of life, such as work and rest, action and reflection.

Additionally, the yin-yang philosophy underscores the idea that change is constant and that within every challenge or difficulty lies an opportunity for growth. Embracing the interplay of opposing forces can lead to a more holistic and positive approach to life's experiences.

Overall, the yin-yang design carries deep philosophical and spiritual significance, promoting a positive outlook on life and encouraging individuals to embrace the dynamic interplay of forces.

etched glass

Sunday, Jan 7, 2024.

Why We Chose Sandblasting for our Etched Glass Designs

We chose sandblasting as our preferred method for glass etching due to its exceptional precision and versatility. Sandblasting allows us to achieve intricate and detailed designs on glass surfaces.

The controlled abrasion of sand particles creates a uniform and smooth finish, providing a professional and elegant look to our etched glass products.

We customize glassware with intricate patterns, logos, and text, ensuring that every etched creation reflects the high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines us at CitizenDual.

etched glass

Sunday, Dec 3, 2023.

The Most Unusual Flag in the World

The most unusual national flag in the world could be argued to be that of Nepal. Nepal's flag stands out for its uniqueness and intricate design. Unlike most flags, which are rectangular or square, Nepal's flag is composed of two stacked triangles, resembling two pennants. These pennants are deeply symbolic and ornate.

The red base signifies the bravery of the Nepalese people, while the blue border represents peace. Within the flag, there is a white emblem containing symbols rich in meaning. The emblem includes a moon symbolizing calm and tranquility, and a sun signifying courage and fierce resolve. The crimson color also represents the country's national flower, the rhododendron. The combination of these elements creates an intricately designed and ornate flag, making Nepal's national flag one of the most distinctive and detailed in the world.

nepal flag

Sunday, Nov 26, 2023.

CitizenDual Coupons

At CitizenDual, we're delighted to offer two discount coupons:

First up is "SHARE5", a coupon designed for spreading joy among your personal and professional networks. We can all think of people in our lives who come from different places and have moved (or are moving) from one country to another. Whether they are actively pursuing an additional citizenship or have previously obtained one, a CitizenDual product is a thoughtful, useful, gift to purchase for someone (or even indulge in for yourself:) Enter this coupone code when you purchase on our Etsy store, or share with friends, family members, and coworkers to enjoy a 5% discount on any/all purchases.

But wait, there is more! We also have our "BUNDLE11" coupon, perfect for those looking to curate and gift multiple products in a single purchase. Do you have a couple in mind who both have their dual citizenships? Or maybe an entire family? When you buy any two or more CitizenDual items, this coupon grants a 11% discount on your entire purchase.

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Thursday, Nov 16, 2023.

The Flag of Portugal – A Short Story

This month, our family spent a couple of weeks exploring the Algarve region of Portugal so we thought we'd research the background of Portugal's flag.

The flag of Portugal has a rich and symbolic history that dates back to the country's emergence as a nation. The current design, adopted on June 30, 1911, draws inspiration from Portugal's republican past. The flag consists of two vertical bands, with green on the hoist side and red on the fly side. In the center lies the national coat of arms, which includes the iconic Portuguese shield featuring a white five-pointed star surrounded by blue, set against a field of red. The green and red colors are said to represent hope and the bloodshed during the battles for independence, respectively.

Before the establishment of the republic, Portugal underwent several changes in its flag design. During the monarchy, the national flag featured a coat of arms with various elements representing the royal family and the nation's maritime heritage. The transition to the current flag marked a significant shift in Portugal's political landscape, reflecting the end of the monarchy and the establishment of the Portuguese Republic in 1910. Since then, the flag has remained a symbol of Portugal's unity, history, and its enduring spirit.

portugal flag

Wednesday, Nov 8, 2023.

The Australian Flag– A Short Story

The Australian flag, known as the Australian National Flag was officially adopted in 1954. Its design features a dark blue field with the Union Jack in the canton, representing Australia's historical ties to Britain. Beneath the Union Jack, there are five white stars, with the Commonwealth Star taking the central position and four seven-pointed stars known as the Southern Cross.

The flag symbolizes Australia’s unique identity as a nation both in the Southern Hemisphere and the Commonwealth. The Southern Cross represents the constellation visible from Australia, and the Commonwealth Star signifies the unity of the six Australian states. The Australian flag is a tangible reminder of the country’s historical and cultural connections and its status as a modern, independent nation.

australian flag

Tuesday, Nov 7, 2023.

The Union Jack – A Short Story

The Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom, has a storied history rooted in the union of England, Scotland, and later, Ireland. Its origins date back to 1606, when King James VI of Scotland also became King James I of England, officially uniting the two nations.

The flag combines the red cross of St. George for England, the white saltire of St. Andrew for Scotland, and, with the inclusion of Northern Ireland in 1801, the red saltire of St. Patrick. The Union Jack represents the unity of these diverse nations under one monarchy and has been a symbol of British identity for centuries.

united kingdom flag

Monday, Nov 6, 2023.

Do you know the 6 most recognizable flags in the world?

The six most recognizable flags globally are those of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Brazil. Each flag holds distinct features that contribute to their widespread recognition.

The stars and stripes of the United States, the Union Jack of the United Kingdom, the red maple leaf of Canada, the Southern Cross stars of Australia, the simple yet bold red circle of Japan, and the green, yellow, and blue of Brazil are iconic symbols representing their nations, easily identifiable across various cultures and borders. These flags are highly esteemed, representing rich histories, cultures, and identities on a global scale.

six flags

Thursday, Nov 2, 2023.

The Canadian Flag: A Short Story

The story of the Canadian flag, known as the "Maple Leaf", is one of national identity and unity. Before its adoption in 1965, Canada used the British Red Ensign as its flag. However, as the country evolved and sought to establish its distinct identity, the need for a unique emblem became clear.

After much debate and discussion, the red and white flag featuring a single, stylized maple leaf at its center was officially chosen to represent the nation. The maple leaf, long associated with Canada, symbolizes the country's natural beauty, resilience, and the strength of its people. Today, the Canadian flag stands as a powerful symbol of national pride and unity, representing a diverse and vibrant nation from coast to coast.

canadian flag

Sunday, Oct 29, 2023.

The American Flag: A Short Story

The American Stars and Stripes flag is more than just a vibrant display of red, white, and blue; it’s a powerful symbol that tells the story of the United States.

Those thirteen alternating red and white stripes, like a barcode of history, represent the original colonies' struggle and resilience. The blue field, adorned with fifty gleaming stars, symbolizes unity and the promise of a brighter future. Each star is like a radiant point of hope, representing the fifty states and their collective aspirations.

The colors themselves carry deep meaning—red for valor and bravery, white for purity and innocence, and blue for vigilance and justice. With each unfurled star and bold stripe, the flag embodies the American spirit, a beacon of freedom and democracy that inspires pride and patriotism across the nation and beyond.

american flag

Saturday, Oct 28, 2023.

Welcome to the CitizenDual Blog!

At CitizenDual, our goal is to honor the significance of holding dual citizenship and to pay tribute to the places you love across the globe. We specialize in creating unique, heartfelt designs that can feature either two country flags, symbolizing the beauty of dual citizenship, or a single flag representing one's home, or special connection to a place around the world. For pilots and aviation enthusiasts, items showcasing planes and airports evoke the thrill of takeoffs and landings. These gifts not only celebrate special places but also encapsulate the joy of exploration, fostering a treasure trove of memories for the recipient with every journey taken. All designs are carefully printed or etched onto a thoughtfully selected range of high-quality products.

Our primary focus is on practical items like cups, mugs, glasses, bags, and luggage tags. We place great importance on creating products that can be used repeatedly, emphasizing sustainability to minimize waste while reminding the user of the memories they represent. CitizenDual endeavors to celebrate the blend of cultures and the shared love for diverse corners of the world that shape our lives.

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Drop us a note at info@citizendual.com with your requests and ideas.